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Private practice vs chain practicing Dentists

November 16, 2010 by  
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  What  Americans  seek in medical and dental care is a high standard and they are willing to pay for it. The foreign interests see that and plan to exploit it. Keeping your dentist in business slows or impeeds the spread of foreign doctors invading the healthcare field. It is all about money to them ( not about pt. care). Even the lowest earning dentist earns more than a successful foriegn dentist in their country. The best way to nationalize the health care is to feed it with those already in a socialistc health care State. With the new healthcare package, there may be an accelerated retirement in both fields. This will cause a huge shortfall in physicians and dentists. Dental schools only put out 4000 dentists/ yearthat is less than 100 per state. One way the government can solve that problem is encourage foriegn healthcare providers to come to America.

Why all of this talk of foriegn dentists anyway. The reason is that all non- Americans know this is the best place to be educated in the whole world. They come here in the thousands for college and professional schools and end up staying here because they cannot make a living in their country.The more American dentists who leave or quit practicing ,the more opportunity for the non American healthcare provider.

The estimated number of retiring  American dentists in the next few years is 11000 per year, with only 4000  per year graduating. If the existing high quality dentists are chased out by discount dentistry, then the 11000 figure is low. That spells trouble for you the American patient. It may seem like there is a dentist on every corner, but that is not true. Each dentist can see 2000 patients per year.  If there are50000 dentists in the USA and there are 400 million people each dentist will have to see 8,000 people. If only 50% go to the dentist ,the number is still an unmanageable 4,000 patients per dentist.  Socializing the healthcare field will decrease the availablity to a dentist, not increase it.