Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

Why all this debate on heavy metals?

There are certain heavy metals that are required by the human body. Iron,cobalt,copper, manganese,molybdenum and zinc are heavy metals required for human function.Excessive levels of any of these ,however, are harmful to our body. But there are other heavy metals that have no know benefit to the human body and can cause serious harm  as they accumulate over time in our bodies. These heavy metals are mercury, lead and plutonium. The one we focus on is mercury since it is present in fillings in our mouth. In our office,we stopped providing mercury fillings as a treatment option in 1994. There is still a great debate on whether mercury is really harmful in the dental products, but not in our office. That debate ended in 1994 for us.

So what does a heavy metal do that is so harmful? I’m going to try and explain the problem by using the operationof a large warehouse as the example. The warehouse is the cell in our body that is constantly taking product in and shipping product out.Now let’s assume this warehouse has 100 truck docks for shipping and recieving . The warehouse operates by some semi’s bringing supplies and others taking them away for delivery to another site. If the semi’s coming in with supplies( nutrients) don’t leave the dock, then eventually the warehouse   has no way of shipping the products (waste and finished product)  way to other sites ( such as liver ,kidney and bowels). With all of this product backing up ,the warehouse has to find another way to operate the shipping process. The warehouse manager  begins to change how they operate ( mutation) and before long the warehouse isn’t the same anymore. Things are stacked up because the efficient removal of the waste and product no longer exists. Another problem is that they no longer get the supplies they need because the incoming semi’s have no place to dock or at least a much smaller number of docks to unload at. The whole function now has been changed. This happens to billions of cells in our bodies when heavy metal accumulate. So my question is “why do we allow these heavy semi’s to come to our warehouses in the first place?”  We have no reason to expose our bodies to any dosage of these metals. Even the required heavy metals have a level at which they are dangerous. So we have warehouses that allow them to dock only at 5 of the 100 docking area, so they are controlled since they are required in order to function. But we should place a “not allowed to dock” sign for the others such as mercury and lead.

When a cell mutates in this way, the product it makes is no longer the same. It causes other cells that need their product to change as well. Before long the whole body is in poor shape because of the ineffiecient operation on the warehouses. As a result these metals contribute to  Alzheimers, chronis fatigue syndrome, Lou Gehrigs disease, musclular dystrophy, heart problems,PMS like symptoms  and more.!/group.php?gid=18570714854

In the mouth, you can see tissue irritation, bleeding gums and discolorations from the heavy metals present in the oral cavity. There can be a bad or metallic taste as well.The bacterial flora can change as well if the PH of the oral cavity is changed by the presence of these heavy  metals. Of course, there are other chemicals ( and medications)  that can cause some of these diseases, but why subject your body to anything that you know has a high probablitiy to harm itself.