Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

What is Holistic Dentistry?

Most patients have been to a dentist often enough to know what routine dentistry is all about. The Holistic approach goes a step further in that we only use materials that is not potentially  harmful to the patient. We also want this done in as clean an atmosphere as possible.

First, our office is mercury free. That means that we do not use mercury fillings in our office. We remove mercury fillings to the benefit  of the patients oral and bodily health. In fact many of our patients want the mercury removed because of the potential health issues.  We use tooth colored resin material that is BPA free. We all know or have heard of the danger of certain plastics. those  plastics  have BPA in it as the harmful ingredient. The 2 resin materials that we use are  BPA free.

Another Holistic improvement is using gluten free paste to clean your teeth. Gluten has long been known as a potentially harmful allergen. Therefore we do not use any materials in our office with gluten as an ingredient.

Finally, fluoride has mixed reviews as to value and efficiency. If you have a lot of decay, then fluoride is to be used to help  stop decay while we fix the problems. Other than that, fluoride is not administered unless the patient requests us to use it.

As Holistic Dentist, we look at your total body health as it relates to your mouth. So that means no BPA, no heavy metals in any form.