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Start Orthodontics at 6 years old

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In our office we have been evaluating and treating 7 year olds for 25 years. The reason is several fold. First we have found that while the child is in their growing stages, we can actually grown bone to make room for their teeth. This has prevented us from extracting permanent teeth almost totally. If you start late and they have to have their permanent bicuspids removed, you increase the risk of TMJ problems later in their 20-40’s. We treat TMJ cases and that is why 30 years ago we educated ourselves on early treatment to avoid these problems.

At about 7 years of age the child is ready to “look better”because they have crowded teeth or the baby teeth won’t come out. Either case is due to the permanent teeth being “jammed up ” in the bone due to lack of room for them to erupt. Usually we are finished with their appliances and braces by the time the traditional orthodontist has started . It is not uncommon for us to be totally finished by 10-11 years old.

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  • Suzanne Steven

    Children's permanent teeth should be corrected as soon as possible to avoid long-term and even painful effects. Children who start early encounter less dental problems because of the exposure to healthy dental habits.