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Staff Experience and Quality Treatment

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Just as important as the dentist’s education ,is the experience the staff has in treating patients. The bulk of the patient contact is with the staff. In my office , All of my chairside assistants have expanded assisting certificates. That means they have gone to school to learn more than how to pass instruments, mix materials and take proper notes in the patients chart. All of my assistants have been trained to place restorations, make temporaries and take x-rays and more. I have 2 assistants with 30+ years  and one with 17 years and one with 7 years experience. All of these  years have been in my office. I have 2 hygienists with a combined 49 years in my office. My front office staff have a total of 26 years of experience working in my office. That is 159 years of experience in treating patients. I have every confidence that you will feel comfortable in my office with staff as experienced as this. They make you feel comfortable in a relaxed atmosphere. You may have been to other dental offices and felt tension in the atmosphere  ,that is not the case in our office.  They help me keep my quality at the top level possible and the patients as relaxed as possible. I could not offer the care I do without them, at least it would be a struggle. So if you need a change of dentists or don’t have one, please consider one of my offices  and you too can experience the difference,

  • sandy parker

    He does have the best staff. They make you feel so comfortable. Also the best dentist.