Saturday, December 16th, 2017

Reconstructive Dentistry

Reconstructive Dentistry by Smith Family Dentistry

From laser and a one visit crown to complex bridge work, Dentist Dr. Garry Smith in Anderson and Fishers delivers superior results fast.

Our practices in Anderson and Fishers offer reconstructive oral care to patients.

“Reconstructive dentistry is key for maintaining a patient’s long term health,” said Dr. Garry Smith, Anderson dentist and Fishers, Indiana dentist.

Research has proven that an inadequate number of teeth affects digestion, the ability to eat, and may lead to various diseases of the body including heart disease and diabetes.

Dr. Garry Smith maintains a strong goal to reduce or eliminate problems patients experience from fractured or missing teeth. Reconstructive dentistry by Dr. Smith delivers these results to patients.

Laser Soft Tissue Dental Improvements by Dr. Smith

Smith Family Dentistry uses a wide-range of technology to reduce issues with dental reconstruction. More than 15 years ago, Dr. Smith began using the dental laser for safer and faster healing soft tissue surgery specifically re-contouring the gum line.

Dentist Dr. Smith offers tooth reconstruction in Anderson and Fishers – click here for locations.

Reconstructive Dentistry: Onlays and One Day Crown – Cerec

Dentist Dr. Smith of Anderson is certified in Cerec technology, a machine that produces a crown in just 90 minutes. Cerec is cutting edge and delivers results today.

What’s a crown?
Teeth decay or your can fracture teeth. This can result in losing too much tooth structure and then a crown is required in order to avoid pulling the tooth. A crown helps you keep a tooth.

In 90 minutes, you’ll have a one visit crown to restore compromised teeth at Smith Family Dentistry in Anderson or Fishers!

Cerec one-visit crowns are used primarily on posterior teeth while Anterior teeth often require a lab to create the crown. We’ll determine your crown need.

With dental onlays produced right in Dr. Smith’s Anderson and Fishers dental offices, it gives patients immediate results – period.

Using the Cerec Cad Cam Machine, Smith Family Dentistry of Anderson is able to take photos of teeth and create an immediate onlay for a patient’s mouth. The dentist’s office in Fishers also has Cerec.

Other reconstructive dentistry offered by Dentist Dr. Smith includes implants, bridge work, partial dentures and full dentures.

“Individualized restorations and onlays are always key to our dental team’s reconstructive process. Ultimately, we want dental patients to feel comfortable in trusting our more than 160 years of combined experience to know we will make them look and feel their very best,” said Dr. Garry Smith.

Experience combined with a cutting edge, fast and quality results driven dental practice, makes Dr. Smith a leading reconstructive dentist in Anderson and Fishers.

About Smith Family Dentistry –
Smith Family Dentistry offers services in Anderson and Fishers. That means you can find a dentist in Anderson and a dentist in Fishers with us. The best part is we are privately owned so value and quality is are always a priority. Anderson dentist Dr. Garry Smith leads the practice and also acts as the dentist in Fishers with flexible hours. Visit Fishers and/or Anderson today! Call Anderson dental practice at (765) 649-3388 or the Fishers dental office at (317) 578-1933.