Saturday, December 16th, 2017

Family Dentistry in Anderson and Fishers

Family dentistry means our Anderson dentist and Fishers dentist care for both adults and children.

Comprehensive Family Dentistry

Both locations offers comfort for children with blankets, aromatherapy and heated pillows.

Dr. Garry Smith is pleased to offer a comprehensive approach to dentistry with specialties including TMJ treatement, sleep apnea appliances, orthodontics, general dental care, bi-annual teeth cleaning and one day crowns as well as veneers.

Pediatric Dentistry

Oral health education begins with children at an early age. Dr. Smith, a dentist in Anderson and Fishers, works with children as young as three years old to make dental care fun.

Children are taught how to brush and floss, so they have the skills to maintain their teeth for a lifetime.

Laser Dentistry Improves Results

One of the first in the United States to use the dental laser, Dr. Garry Smith of Anderson and Fishers is able to treat periodontal disease without using a scalpel or sutures.

The dental laser also painlessly treats canker sores by eliminating the herpes virus in the tissue and speeding up a patient’s recovery. Look better and feel better with Dr. Smith’s dental laser services.

Drilless Fillings for Cavities

Sound of a drill make you cringe? Smith Family Dentistry brings you DRILLESS FILLINGS!

With Smith Family Dentistry’s drilless approach to qualifying cavities, many patients avoid injections and the drill! Our dentist in Anderson and Fishers is Dr. Garry Smith and he was one of the first with this drilless cavity technology.

Dr. Garry Smith uses the KCP1000, an air abrasion system, which allows him to remove decay without a drill, without injections and without pain! The air abrasion system uses a sandy material to essentially blow out the decay from your tooth making it a clean area for Dr. Smith to place a filling. This helps relieve children’s and adults’ fears of dental appointments.

The location and depth of a cavity determines if a filling may be performed using the KCP1000.

Family Dentistry in Anderson and Fishers

Become part of Dr. Smith’s family where your family’s oral health education and care is our top priority. Our mission is to maximize your dental experience and minimize the number of offices your family visits – simple.

Learn about our Anderson dental office and our dentist in Fishers today!

Dr. Smith’s staff makes every effort to coordinate appointments among family members for your convenience.

About Smith Family Dentistry –
Smith Family Dentistry offers services in Anderson and Fishers. That means you can find a dentist in Anderson and a dentist in Fishers with us. The best part is we are privately owned so value and quality is are always a priority. Anderson dentist Dr. Garry Smith leads the practice and also acts as the dentist in Fishers with flexible hours. Visit Fishers and/or Anderson today! Call Anderson dental practice at (765) 649-3388 or the Fishers dental office at (317) 578-1933.