Saturday, December 16th, 2017

Cosmetic Dentistry I Dentist in Anderson and Fishers

Cosmetic Dentistry the Right Way

New alternative to veneers has many advantages.

In an age where cosmetic surgery is more popular than ever, so is cosmetic dentistry, because it delivers fast results. Dentist Dr. Garry Smith of Smith Family Dentistry believes in long term solutions, but for immediate, corrective needs cosmetic dentistry offers the best solutions.

People want the perfect smile and cosmetic dentistry with orthodontics and other care are popular routes for improving smiles. Our dentist in Anderson and dentist in Fishers delivers results.

Cosmetic dentistry includes porcelain crowns and onlays, implants, bridge work, partial and full dentures, orthodontics, and tooth whitening.

Dreaming of the perfect smile? Dentist Dr. Garry Smith of Smith Family Dentistry located in Anderson and Fishers, Indiana can give it to you.

Smith Family Dentistry offers pain-free alternatives to deliver fantastic looking smiles.

Lumineers™ – The Smile Shaper

Lumineers™ by Cerinate® are described as “smile shapers.” Our dental office in Anderson uses the Lumineers as does Dr. Smith, also the dentist in Fishers.

Lumineers are ultra-thin, super translucent porcelain, non-invasively applied to teeth, that provide a natural looking smile that fits every individual.

Breathe easy if you have needle-phobia, Lumineers are applied WITHOUT anesthesia and no pain.

Lumineers vs. Traditional Procelain Veneers

Most dental veneers require a dentist to grind down sensitive tooth structure for the perfect fit. With Lumineers, cutting or grinding of teeth in nearly all cases is unnecessary.

In as few as two visits with Dentist Dr. Garry Smith, a leading dentist in Anderson and dentist in Fishers, covers the teeth with Lumineers.

What to Expect After Lumineers by Dr. Smith

There is no post-procedure discomfort or sensitivity, which means Lumineers look and feel natural as soon as you step out of your dentist’s chair.

Lumineers can even be a more comfortable and time-saving solution for adults who are considering braces. If your bite problem isn’t severe, Lumineers will change the shape and alignment of your teeth, making them appear straighter and more uniform; however they are not an alternative to major realignment issues that require orthodontics.

Restore and strengthen teeth and aid in preventing wear over time with Lumineers by Dr. Garry Smith. Whether at his Anderson dental office or Fishers dental office, Dr. Smith can have you in and out and in now time and looking better!

How Long do Lumineers Last?

Up to 20 years without shade discoloration.

Lumineers can be placed over old crowns and help rejuvenate bridgework to create a more uniform look to your smile.

So now your dream of a new smile can become a reality– without pain. And that’s really something to smile about. Anderson Dentist Dr. Garry Smith has worked with patients for more than 37 years and he can quickly solve your cosmetic dental challenge.

In today’s fast-paced world, looks matter in the business world and unfortunately appearance can hold you back in the work force.

Teeth Whitening Zoom2 by Anderson Dentist Dr. Smith

We will make your smile bright using “Zoom2.” A popular, one appointment method to whiten your smile.

Just an hour and a half and you are back to work or life.

Smith Family Dentistry and Dr. Smith are committed to pampering you while you wait for your brighter smile using warm neck wraps, aromatherapy and you can even cuddle up in a blanket.

Make an appointment with Dr. Smith by clicking here at either the Anderson dental office or Fishers dental office.

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