Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

Dental Services

Dental Services in Anderson and Fishers, IN

Thirty-three percent of patients say they dread visits to dentists.  Smith Family Dentistry and Dr. Garry Smith deliver comfort during patient visits.

Your Experience With Us

With heated neck supports, blankets, fresh coffee, tea, hot cocoa and juice our Anderson dental office and Fishers dental office make you feel at home. As a luxury dentist in Fishers, we allow you to watch a DVD while at the office or bring your own! At Anderson and Fishers, you can request Lavendar aromatherapy as a calming dentist visit therapy.

At Smith Family Dentistry, we offer sedation dentistry for those needing additional comfort.  Sedated patients must have someone drive them to the appointment. Dr. Smith has been a dentist in Anderson and a dentist in Fishers for 40 years and his experienced staff creates a calm ambiance.

Go to the dentist and forget you are there – with such comfort – our dental office in Anderson and Fishers dentistry create a relaxing spa atmosphere.

Experience a new kind of total dental care in a family, spa atmosphere where your worries dissolve. Dr. Garry Smith and staff educate children and adults about “oral health care.”

Every visit is an opportunity to improve your appearance and health, which is part of Dr. Smith’s fresh approach to dental wellness.

Oral Health Care encompasses healthy gums, healthy tissue, reconstruction of missing tooth areas, and personal cosmetic modifications allowing you to look and feel your best.

“My Oral Health Care methodology means that staff and I look at each tooth, one at a time, and create sound solutions for every patients’ challenges which allows us as we age to remain in better health,” said Dr. Garry Smith, dentist in Anderson, dentist in Fishers, Smith Family Dentistry.

We treat every area of dentistry from TMJ challenges, jaw alignment, orthodontics, one-day crowns to root canals and tooth cleanings. As a lead dentist in Anderson and innovative dentist in Fishers, Dr. Garry Smith brings results not bandaids to oral care.

Dr. Smith’s patients love his comprehensive approach to dental care, and yes, we service international and out of state clients with a dentist in Anderson and dentist in Fishers ready to serve.

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Don’t forget our dentist is in Anderson and Fishers making central Indiana dentistry convenient for you.