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Metallic Taste in Your Mouth

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If you have a taste of metal in your mouth, it is probably caused by oxidation of a metal in your mouth as it is submerged in your saliva. Mercury fillings  ( silver fillings, amalgams    )    and non-precious metal crowns are the most common  culprits.It usually means the mercury filling is starting to break down and “is dissolving” enough for you to taste it. To put it another way, it is leaking and decay will form under it. No pain may be present at that initial leakage.  Some partial denture metals can do the same thing if they contain low grade metals .

The  oxidation in the mouth is caused by the creation of an electric current ( called galvanic current). This happens when two dissimilar metals touch (causing an electron exchange called galvanic current). Crowns that have metal will not cause this unless the metal is non-precious (lacks high quality Gold). These metals are  called non- precious metals in the laboratory. My recommendation is that all cheap or low grade metals be removed if a metal taste occurs. There is oxidation or “dissolving”  with plastics and porcelain. The US government has called for a “phase down”  in the use of mercury fillings. Eventually there will be a total “phase out” of the material. For more information you can go to my web site ( and read my blog on “USA Phase Down on Mercury”. You can also ask me thru e-mail or FB, any questions about dentistry you may have.

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