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Mercury is bad for you, so are Mercury fillings

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The American Dental Society, The Dental Schools and the FDA all say mercury filling are ok but it is not ok to have direct contact with mercury. That is a dilema for me, since mercury fillings are in direct contact with your oral tissues. The mercury is know to have a 50 year half life which means it vaporizes for that length of time. It is suspected that decay and infected gums increase the break down of the mercury filling ,therfore, increasing the amount of mercury vapor in the oral cavity. There has been a recent report saying that mecury has now been linked to Alzheimers ( Many of us have know that mercury, lead and aluminum were harmful as far back as 1994. In my offices, we have not done mercury fillings ( also know as amalgams and silver fillings) since 1994. We have  patients now coming to us to take the old ones out because they know they are harmful. The United States has just made a decision to ban that material and asked for an immediate halt to the use of mercury fillings. Several countries have outlawed the use of mercury in fillings years ago, the USA is just now waking up.

No one will allow you to hold mecury in your hands and we go to a lot of trouble to clean up mercury spills. You need to make your own mind up. There are many web sites you can look at to clarify this in your own mind. I have settled the issue in my mind. I haven’t left any mercury fillings in my families mouth and most of my friends as well. Any questions about this, contact me at 765-649-3388 or 317-578-1933.You can also message me in FB.