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EPA looking at banning Mercury fillings

January 13, 2011 by  
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An organization, Consumers for Dental Choice, has brought Federal Agencies to account.So much so that the USA is rethinking its position on amalgams ( mercury fillings).The U.S  EPA was the first to crack when Congressman Kucinich of Ohio demanded answers on the mounting evidence that amalgams are harmful.The EPA responded by announcing a proposed rule will come forth in 2011 to regulate dental amalgam . The EPA recognized the devastating effects of dental mercury even to the unborn child,if the mother has mercury dental fillings in her mouth.The American Dental Association is now trying to find loopholes in the upcoming ruling so that the material can continue to be used. My recommendation is to remove all of them and do not use the material ever again. We have not used the material since 1994, what is wrong with the ADA? As the public, you have the choice to go to a dentist who has mercury fillings on the premises or choose a dentist who does not use it or have it on the premises. Still over 60% of the dentists use mercury fillings because the ADA and the dental schools teach that it is the material of choice.