Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

Laser used to Detect Decay

For a long time in dentistry we have noticed no decay in your x-rays and visual exam only to see an area of decay six months later. The reasons; the decay was to small to detect by the naked eye. We now have a laser (diagnodent) that detects decay that has just started and is hard to see visually on an x-ray. The diagnodent detected decay can be restored without anesthesia (shots) or drills. We use an air abrasion instrument called the KCP 1000 to remove the decay.The powder is Aluminum oxide and tastes like chaulk. Then we  flow BPA free resin into the void, bond it and your finished. No numbing or drilling is needed. Since we have been using the diagnodent laser, we have detected many unseen areas of decay but also have found that dark areas we thought were decay, we found only to be a stain. So it also saves doing unnecessary procedures as well.