Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

Dentistry with No drills or shots

The biggest fear about dentistry is the painful shot and the sound of the drill. In my offices, we use an air abrasion system ( KCP 1000) that requires no shots and no drill. I am amazed at how the profession has ignored this technology. We have been using it since 1990, so it is not new. We find kids are easy to treat now because there are no shots and adults really appreciate the “new ” procedure. Another advantage is that the hole it makes is only the size and shape of the cavity, so a lot of tooth structure is conserved because the drill will make a bigger hole the the air abrasion tool. You can read more about this technology on my web site (

If I come to your office, will I be treated with the KCP1000?

Not necessarily. Though the KCP1000 will dramatically reduce our overall reliance on the drill, it is not appropriate for every part of every procedure. For example, we will continue to use the drill to remove silver (amalgam) fillings and for crown preparations. Please ask us about the role the KCP might play in your treatment.