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Is whitening your teeth dangerous?

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It seems most people want to have their teeth whitened but they may not know the dangers. You can buy whitening systems at various stores or get either of 2 systems at your dentist. But you must be monitored or you can permanently damage your tooth shade. The whitening systems all work by “bleaching out the stains in your teeth that were not there by genetics or medications in your early years. The whitening systems will not take out genetic or medication discolorations. If you keep trying your teeth will eventually get darker. If you do not have those kinds of stains,but rather the teeth are yellow or brownish, they will whiten to your natural genetic color. That may not be “bleach white” or white like a a white shirt. If you use any system to long to get to the “bleach white” look ,you run a big risk of permanently darkening you teeth. There are many dentist who advertise “life time whitening free ” if you are a patient. I hope they are explaining this potential problem to their patients. We monitor our patients very closely so that this will not happen and yet we had 2 patients who went to far on their own. The teeth looked dark gray and translucent.It is irreversible. Those 2 patients had to crown all of their teeth at a great expense all because they treated themselves without consulting a professional. your comments or questions are welcomed.

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    This is so true that people use to treatments at home, but some products are harmful and some are duplicate some time or may be people don't know how to use them, their quantity etc. That is why, the results may be negative. So, anyone want his teeth white or he want to use any procedure? one must consult to a dentist first and then with his opinion and guidance, one should try any procedure.

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    Definitely whitening your teeth is dangerous if you don’t have enough knowledge on how to use those home teeth whitening.I do agree that ,in order for   you to achieve a good smile one must consult his/her dentist for him/her to be guided and know if that home teeth whiteningteeth whitening tips is appropriate for you to use.I am proud to say that whatever you use to maintain your composure in smiling either your using teeth whitening pen or teeth whitening trays
     whatever your using as long as you know how to use this stuff.I would definitely say that they are absolutely safe.