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Is whitening your teeth dangerous

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Many people today want their teeth whiter but not everyone can get “bleach white” color in their teeth. What the whitening materials do is take out the organic material that causes the bad color. The basic material used is peroxide based. So if you keep whitening it will remove all color from your teeth and leave them DARKER. The darker color comes from blood and the darker color of the tissue around the teeth. You cannot reverse the process.

So the answer to the question of “is whitening dangerous” is yes if you go to far. That is why ┬árecommend the process be monitored by a professional. The over -the-counter materials are not as strong as the in-office products. So the over-the-counter products are less effective but over time can do the same thing- cause permanently darker teeth. The only way to reverse it is by having crowns and veneers placed on your teeth. That will be an expensive mistake.

So my recommendation is to have your whitening process monitored and have a realistic expectation as to how white your teeth will become. Everyone cannot have bright white teeth. There 4 basic shade in the human teeth: white,yellow,brown, gray. You will have one of those genetic types in your tooth makeup. So whitening each of those types will dohe following:

white will get whiter

yellow will get less yellow, some whiter

brown will be less brown some whiter

gray will be a lighter gray and some whiter

It may be clear from this discussion that for the genetically yellow, brown and gray teeth can only be WHITE by doing crowns or veneers. Skin color is also a be factor in what looks white in your mouth. So you should contact your dentist to see how your whitening expectation n be attained before you start either in- office or over-the counter processes.