Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

Implants, Why Use Them and What Are They?

If  you are missing a tooth or having to have one removed, an implant is the best choice. There are several reasons. First the implant is stronger than the original tooth by 50%, so chewing strength is added not removed. Secondly, the implant will not decay or fracture as a cemented bridge would. So as a cost comparison, a bridge for 1 missing tooth would be approximately $3300 and 1 implant ,post and crown would be $4400.  For the extra benefits ( more strength, won’t decay or fracture) the cost is reasonable.

Implants are  made out of titanium . Once the implant is placed and the bone heals around it, a post is placed into the implant and a crown is made to fit over the post. There are three components to what you, the patient, think of as an implant tooth.

Implants are 98% successful. The main reason for failure is gum disease. We do not recommend implants to patients who cannot properly care for their mouth.

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