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How to secure your dentures or partials

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One of the main problems with complete detures is suction and keeping them in place. Now there is a way to secure your dentures without messy adhesives. The use of dental implants to secure the dentures has been very helpful to thousands of unhappy denture patients.

 Another problem is that the full plastic palate affects the ability to taste foods with complete upper dentures or causes a gag reflex for some. A lot of your taste buds are in the palatal tissue. With implant supported upper dentures, the denture can be altered into a horseshoe- shaped denture and thereby expose the palatal taste buds so that you can taste your food better and eliminate the potential gag reflex.

A third problem is sore spots because the denture shifts as the patient chews their food . This occurs if the dentures are a little loose or to tight. If they are  a little loose, the denture borders bang into the sides of the ridge and causes painful sore areas. If they are to tight, they rub the sides of the ridge as the patient chews. It is possible to get the dentures adjusted properly, but with implant stabalization, these problems simply do not exist. Once they are stabalized by the implants, the dentures act just like your real teeth. You can order anything you want without fear of the dentures coming loose or not being able to chew the food.

Implants are used to stabalize partials ( upper and lower ) and lower complete dentures as well. The number of implants needed to stabalize the partials and dentures depends  upon how many teeth you are missing. For complete upper denture patients, it requires 3-4 implants while lower complete dentures can be stabalized with only 2 implants. For those who have partial dentures, only 1  implant per side where the teeth are missing may need to be placed. Since 1990  we have been doing this procedure and many denture  patients are thrilled that their life has been given back to them.

If you have dentures or know of someone who does, this may be a solution for you. Just call our offices and my staff can answer your questions

  • Gordon McElvany

    I had a gag reflex with my uppers. Here is what I did and have had no reflex problems and can taste food better. I took a dremel grinding tool and cut a small horseshoe shape that allow more exposure of my palate. I experimented by removing only a small portion at a time until I found what worked best. It worked for me as I have had my dentures for over 8 years with no problems.