Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

How can I get better Oral health?

We all know about brushing , flossing and regular dental checkups as the mainstay to good oral health. But there are other things you can do to better your oral health. An electric (not battery) toothbrush is 40 times better than a hand held tooth brush. An Oral-B electric tooth brush is the best on the market. Flossing with your fingers is better than a flossing instrument but flossing by any means is a must.

One of the most damaging and least well known causes of inflammed gum tissue are heavy metals present in the oral cavity. These heavy metals are in the “mercury fillings” and crowns with “non-predious metals” in the metal portion of the crown. These heavy metals cause “free radicals” to be formed in the cells of the tissue which cause the cells to have to change how they operate( called mutations). The best way rid yourselves of the free radical materials is to replace the mercury fillings ( better know as silver fillings) with BPA free plastic, porcelain or gold restorations. The mercury in these fillings has a 50 year half life and therefore puts out mercury vapor into the oral cavity for that amount of time. The mercury gets into the cell and causes the mutational change to occur. Other heavy metals that could be in your mouth are cadmium and lead in the non-precious metals of the crowns. Due to the high cost of gold and the requirements of some of the insurance coverages, these cheaper materials are used. We do not use them in this office and have not done so since 1994 when we discovered their dangers. In case you didn’t know it, free radicals are carcinogens. You can aide  tissue in ridding itself of these carcinogens by taking in antioxidants. Dark green vegatables are a good source for antioxidants ( broccoli, asparagus, green beans, snap peas) . You can get antioxidants if suppliment form at the health food store as well. It may take years to remove a the free radicals by this means but it is good to start. You can also remove free radicals much more quickly by a process known as chelation ( done mainly thur I.V. delivery systems). You need to be aware that more than 50% of the dentists do not see mercury and / or non-precious metals as being a problem. The ADA and the Dental Schools teach them to be the standard of care the same as they did in the 1950’s.

The other cause of poor oral health is periodontal disease. More on that subject later.