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Gum disease and Laser therapy

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In answer to the inquiries some of you had, I will attempt to explain why you would prefer laser treatment for gum disease oner  scalpel surgery.

The laser is more precise and allows us to treat 1 tooth at a time as opposed to treating 3-4 teeth in order to get the one that needed the surgery) as is required with traditional periodontal surgery).No shots are required with treatments with the ND:YAG laser. The laser also sterilizes the area as we work with it. Research has shown the treated areas to be free of infection for up to 90 days with laser therapy. This allows the body plenty of time to heal assuming the patients oral hygiene is up to standard. Post operative bleeding, swelling and pain are non-existent with laser treatments for gum disease.

There are several types of laser out there to be used. All of them work but safety is my primary concern. The ND:YAG laser was the first laser  to receive approval and is the best and safest laser to use in periodontal treatments. Other laser have to much power and can cause post operative pain and swelling due to the amount of heat produced. When used within the parameters set by the manufacturer, the ND:YAG has no side effects.

If you have been diagnosed with gum disease or suspect you have it, you owe it to yourself to pursue laser treatments. You can call us at 765-649-3388 or 317-578-1933 for an appointment.