Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

Diabetes and oral health

Diabetics heal more slowly than other people due to the effects of their blood sugars.If their blood sugars are not under tight control as measured by their A1C test, the healing cycle is slowed down due to the blood cells being swollen from the infection that is present. In addition, high blood sugars cause a decrease in the number of white blood cells, our main defense against infection. If the infection is in the oral cavity we will see, gum disease, decay, issues with burning tongue and general tissue irritation.

To put this into a better perspective, did you know that there are over 200 types of bacteria in the mouth? Many of thses bacteria are linked to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, pre-term births, periodontal disease and bacterial pneumonia. So if the immune system is compromised ,there can be serious ramifications. The most common disease known to man is periodontal disease, with over 50% of adults having some level of gum disease. You need good dental treatment and a good healing response to treat this disease successfully.  As a link to the seriousness of this problem of dealing with gum disease, studies have shown that you are 2 times more likely to have hardening of the arteries if this gum disease is not successfullt treated. Hardening of the arteries is strongly linked to heart attacks and strokes. So treating gum disease is a must.

High blood sugars also can cause dry mouth and an increase in the incidence of bacterial and fungal infections. When the high blood sugars persist, the oral PH can change so that the bad bacteria ,which like an acid environment, become more numerous and cause the symptoms mentioned above. Since the blood is thicker ( cells swollen) and the arteries norrowed by plaques on the wall, the immune response is slowed.

To maintain a good oral environment, you have to have at least 2 dental checkups  per year. Proper brushing and flossing in also paramount. We recommend the oral-B  toothbrush be used as it cleans the teeth 20 times better than the hand tooth brush. In addtiton, the diabetic needs to eliminate pop in any form. Pop will only serve to make the PH more acid and aide in causing tooth decay.

Tobacco products, alcohol and heavy metals ( mercury fillings) are also huge factors in causing deterioration to the oral cavity and body in general. There are several ways to help your health thru supplements. If you have been sick recently of are over 45 years of age, there is a very good chance you are deplete in an enzyme known as CoQ10. This enzyme is critical to the healing process and the immune system in particular. In order for your immune system, brain cell conduction and heat to operate properly, you need adequate levels of CoQ10. The best for is a liguid form called CoQ Quinol. We have it in our office for those of our patients who need it. there are 2 other supplements that are very heelpful. One is “immune complex”and the second is “neucleotide complex” These last 2 suppliments acticate the furnaces of the cells to start working ( mitochondria) to supply all that is needed in fighting the infection and in building new healthy cells. It is very possible that you simply don’y get sick anymore, or at least the cold or flu is much less severe than in those who do not take thses suppliments. We have thses available in our office as well if you need them. If you are currently ill or over 45 years of age, liquid CoQ10 is almost a requirement. Your body is low in CoQ10 if you are over 45 years of age just as you may be short in other hormones or chemicals. They all can be replentished. If you have cancer or have been treated for cancer, you are certainly short in CoQ10 due to the bodies response to  the chemotherapy and or the radiation. Both of those treatment modalities create free radicals  which are very harmful to the body. They are eliminated by CoQ10. Since CoQ10 is a natural enzyme for the body ,why not make sure you have enough. You cannot take to much.