Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

Choosing your insurance plan

Your employer will offer your several choices for your dental plan. They can be named Traditional, PPO or HMO. You want to choose the plan that allows you to pick your dentist. Not necssarily from a “list” they provide. you will need to check to see if you have the freedom of choice by reading the offerings.  Usually you  get the best dental care  with a Traditional plan ( which allows you to pick any dentist you wish). Generally the PPO and HMO options limit your choice of dentist to a specific list. Why do you not want this option? In general, the dentists on those lists have  to compromise their standards to get you as a patient. This is not well understood by the HR dept. of your employer. Here is an example: Are you going to perform as well doing your job with a 16% -30% paycut and be expected to work harder to get that pay? That is what the PPO,HMO plans ask the dentist to do. How can they make up the difference, VOLUME!! Do you think you get a high standard of care with volume? Look what has happened to the medical field.The Physicians have to see more patients to make the same amount of take home pay. The result, you see the physicians assistant not the doctor.

Back to dentistry, each dentist is trained to deliver a high standard of care, but he cannot be trained to be a VOLUME provider. It is up to each dentist to decide how many patients he can see and still  maintain a high standard of care. Some can see 18 patients a day and some can see 40 patients a day. But if you force either of them to increase the number of patients they see by 18-30%, there will be a drop off in patient care . This will not be good for you. We have decided not to participate in any plan that will force me to offer you a lower quality product or lower the quality of care . Here are the plans we have found to be acceptable: Any Traditional offering from any insurance company, Delta Premier, HRI, Anthem 300. Not all companies offer a Traditional plan anymore. You can encourage your employers to choose one of the  offerings above.