Saturday, December 16th, 2017

Oral Cancer Screenings

We have had early detection screenings for breast, prostate and cervical cancers for a long time. We all know that early detection of these three areas save lives. The evidence of oral cancer is rising at an alarming rate. Fortunately, an early cancer screen has been developed. There are two or three methods. The one […]

Dentistry Answers Sleep Apnea

Yes it is true an appliance could prevent you from having SLEEP APNEA related surgery. The dental industry has created an answer to solve a patient’s sleep apnea disorder – with a scientifically developed appliance! Dr. Smith himself has tried the Breathe Easy Splint! Diagnosed with severe sleep apnea, Dr. Garry L Smith of Anderson, […]

Laser used to Detect Decay

For a long time in dentistry we have noticed no decay in your x-rays and visual exam only to see an area of decay six months later. The reasons; the decay was to small to detect by the naked eye. We now have a laser (diagnodent) that detects decay that has just started and is […]

Electric Toothbrush or Hand Toothbrush?

As a young child (2 yrs- 7 yrs old) a soft hand tooth brush is best.  For them the vibration of the electric  brush is scary.I never recommend a battery driven toothbrush, they do not clean the teeth and gums well enough  . As they get older I would recommend the Oral-B Vitality electric tooth […]

Early Intervention Orthodontics

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Traditional orthodontics has always been taught as a “wait and see” process.  By that, I mean to wait until all permanent teeth have erupted and then sort out the crowded  mess that has occurred.  This often requires four permanent teeth to be removed.  Often a “headgear” is used to move the upper front teeth back […]

Technology allows for crowns in a single appointment

Over 90% of the dentist in the USA today must send your crowns or onlays to a dental laboratory for your crown/onlay to be completed.  That is 2 appointments separated by 2-3 weeks. This means you have to be careful with a temporary in between the appointments.  We have had Cerec technology in our office […]

Tired of your partials and denture’s?

Dental implants solve many problems associated with removable dentures. They look and feel natural, and restore your self-confidence. Many people, when asked how their partial or full denture is performing, will say “OK”… even when everything is not “OK.” Unfortunately, they may have lost their frame of reference – they simply don’t remember what it […]

Implants, Why Use Them and What Are They?

If  you are missing a tooth or having to have one removed, an implant is the best choice. There are several reasons. First the implant is stronger than the original tooth by 50%, so chewing strength is added not removed. Secondly, the implant will not decay or fracture as a cemented bridge would. So as […]

Lasers in Dentistry

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We have been using lasers in our office since 1984. Almost everyone has heard of lasers to correct your eye sight, but not many dentists are trained in the use of lasers in the oral cavity (Less than 6% of the dentist world wide) . Lasers have the advantage of requiring  no shots ,and quick […]

Air Abrasion Instead of Drills

We have all had decay that was fixed by using the dental drill.  This requires shots and the 2-4 hours afterward for the “wearing off” process.  Air abrasion was brought into dentistry in the late  1980’s by the same people who invented the dental laser.  The concept is that the powder that is used “dusts […]

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