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Fishers Botox Event Offers Lifetime Discount

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BOTOX LAUNCH EVENT OFFERS PATIENTS LIFETIME DISCOUNT For a limited time, patients at Smith Family Dentistry Anderson and the Fisher dental office, can qualify for a lifetime Botox discount! This is a Fishers Botox event. HOW TO QUALIFY FOR YOUR LIFETIME BOTOX DISCOUNT Botox patients attending the Fishers Botox event by Smith Family Dentistry on […]

TMJ Treatments and Nerve Repair

Read the first article describing how TMJ occurs – click here. TMJ Treatments and How Nerves Play a Role About one-half of all the nerves of the brain go to the mouth, jaws and lower face. Did you know that? No wonder jaw pain is so common! Types of Nerves and How TMJ is Affected […]

Determine if You Have TMJ

TMJ Treatment Experts The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the jaw joint located in front of the ear. Some individuals suffer from TMJ issues where there is a clicking or displacement of the two meeting jaw bones. Dr. Garry Smith is a TMJ specialist and his dental practice offers coordinated care with patients’ other medical providers […]

Holiday Dental Tips to Keep Healthy Teeth

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Sweet Dental Tips for Holiday Sweets The holidays are known for sugary, sweet treats that are so yummy you’ll have trouble putting down the cinnamon rolls, pumpkin pie and marshmallow topped jello treats. Visits to the dentist increase in January with new cavities, broken crowns – you name it. But you can PREVENT a dental […]

Benefits of Xylitol

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Xylitol was a dental recommendation many years ago for prevention of tooth decay. It is a plant sugar that has fewer calories than other sugars and it cannot be processed by Strep Mutans ( the bad bacteria in the mouth that cause decay ,gum disease and bad breath). We now have products to deliver the […]

Dentistry Answers Sleep Apnea

Yes it is true an appliance could prevent you from having SLEEP APNEA related surgery. The dental industry has created an answer to solve a patient’s sleep apnea disorder – with a scientifically developed appliance! Dr. Smith himself has tried the Breathe Easy Splint! Diagnosed with severe sleep apnea, Dr. Garry L Smith of Anderson, […]

Oral Probiotics

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A new product for use in the oral cavity has been introduced by Orogenics. It is a mouth mint with 3 of the friendly bacteria incorporated to compete with the bad bacteria in our mouths. These bad bacteria ( S. Mutans) cause bad breath, decay and periodontal disease. This mouth mint introduces high levels of […]

What is Holistic Dentistry?

Most patients have been to a dentist often enough to know what routine dentistry is all about. The Holistic approach goes a step further in that we only use materials that is not potentially  harmful to the patient. We also want this done in as clean an atmosphere as possible. First, our office is mercury […]

3 Choices to Brighten your Smile

Have you considered brightening your smile? You can have a whiter, brighter smile by using any of the 3 whitening systems that we use in our office. If you have discolored teeth due to age, smoking, or staining, it may be just what you need to improve one of your best assets- your smile. We […]

Dangers of a Dry Mouth

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Many people take medications that cause their mouth to lack saliva( a side effect). The saliva is one of the protective mechanisms that the mouth has against gum disease and decay. If you have a dry mouth ( lacking in saliva) you are very  likely to get  oral disease. It is very important that you […]

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