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TMJ Treatments and Nerve Repair

Read the first article describing how TMJ occurs – click here. TMJ Treatments and How Nerves Play a Role About one-half of all the nerves of the brain go to the mouth, jaws and lower face. Did you know that? No wonder jaw pain is so common! Types of Nerves and How TMJ is Affected […]

Determine if You Have TMJ

TMJ Treatment Experts The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the jaw joint located in front of the ear. Some individuals suffer from TMJ issues where there is a clicking or displacement of the two meeting jaw bones. Dr. Garry Smith is a TMJ specialist and his dental practice offers coordinated care with patients’ other medical providers […]

Holiday Dental Tips to Keep Healthy Teeth

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Sweet Dental Tips for Holiday Sweets The holidays are known for sugary, sweet treats that are so yummy you’ll have trouble putting down the cinnamon rolls, pumpkin pie and marshmallow topped jello treats. Visits to the dentist increase in January with new cavities, broken crowns – you name it. But you can PREVENT a dental […]

Oral Cancer Screenings

We have had early detection screenings for breast, prostate and cervical cancers for a long time. We all know that early detection of these three areas save lives. The evidence of oral cancer is rising at an alarming rate. Fortunately, an early cancer screen has been developed. There are two or three methods. The one […]

What is Holistic Dentistry?

Most patients have been to a dentist often enough to know what routine dentistry is all about. The Holistic approach goes a step further in that we only use materials that is not potentially  harmful to the patient. We also want this done in as clean an atmosphere as possible. First, our office is mercury […]

Laser used to Detect Decay

For a long time in dentistry we have noticed no decay in your x-rays and visual exam only to see an area of decay six months later. The reasons; the decay was to small to detect by the naked eye. We now have a laser (diagnodent) that detects decay that has just started and is […]

3 Choices to Brighten your Smile

Have you considered brightening your smile? You can have a whiter, brighter smile by using any of the 3 whitening systems that we use in our office. If you have discolored teeth due to age, smoking, or staining, it may be just what you need to improve one of your best assets- your smile. We […]

You should not have a painful Dental experience

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Many people have a fear of going to the dentist because of bad, painful experiences.  We have spent years refining our practice with patient comfort in mind.  Many of our new technologies like Dental lasers, cad-cam equipment and air abrasion tools have gone a long way to making your dental appointments much more comfortable.  Another […]

TMJ problem or Grinding problem ?

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A true TMJ problem exists when there is clicking, grating, limited opening, and/or pain in one or both jaw joints.  The most common causes are deep overbite, missing back teeth, incorrect bite, grinding your teeth and accidents involving a blow to the jaw.  Most commonly a splint or grinding appliance can be used to “depressurize” […]

Electric Toothbrush or Hand Toothbrush?

As a young child (2 yrs- 7 yrs old) a soft hand tooth brush is best.  For them the vibration of the electric  brush is scary.I never recommend a battery driven toothbrush, they do not clean the teeth and gums well enough  . As they get older I would recommend the Oral-B Vitality electric tooth […]

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