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Cardiovascular Disease and the Oral Cavity

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The fact that bacteria and viruses are involved in the developement of heart disease is now a known fact. What is even more interesting is that the bacteria and viruses identified do not normally take up residence in the bloodstream, but are typically found in the oral cavity! Several studies have shown that patients with heart disease have more tooth decay and gum disease than the general population. The reverse is also true.Those with poor dental health are more likely to get heart diseaseĀ  and suffer heart attacks. A study at the University of Buffalo found that heart disease was three times more prevalent in those with gum disease. So decay and gum disease are related to increased heart disease and heart attacks.

Several common species of bacteria have been linked to heart disease. One of them is the most prevalent bacteris in dental plaque ( streptococcus sanguis). The bacteria that stick to teeth to form dental plaque and hardened calculus also stick to the artery walls and aide in plaque formation there as well.Researchers have found remnants of these bacteria in 17% of the young people and 80% of the elderly. This shows a progression of arterial infection as we get older. These bacteria have the ability to destroy connective tissue in the mouth and the arterial walls. The later contributes to plaque formation on the arterial walls.

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