Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

Botox Injections in Anderson and Fishers

Dr. Garry Smith Offers Botox in Anderson and Fishers

Tired of wrinkles around the eyes or mouth when you smile?
Botox in Anderson and Fishers is best with Dr. Garry Smith using a new, safer approach.

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Botox in Anderson and Fishers at Smith Family Dentistry

Dr. Garry Smith delivers flawless results by reducing or eliminating fine facial lines.

Dr. Smith uses Botox as part of TMJ, headache and jaw pain treatment and treats fine lines.

Facts: Botox in Anderson and Fishers by Dr. Garry Smith

  • Popular areas for Cosmetic Botox:
    – for headaches with dental treatment treatment plan
    – crows feet
    – forehead
    – above the eyebrows
    – frown lines
    – between the eyebrows (squint lines)
  • We analyze facial movements and muscles to determine the number of injection locations to achieve your goal.
  • Women are still be able to apply eye makeup flawlessly with Botox without “heavy” forehead and eyes.
  • How much you’ll need: 25-60 units is standard depending on concern areas.
  • 2 week checkup is scheduled as necessary for minor adjustments.
  • Botox patients accepted even if they are not dental patients.

Dr. Smith Botox Expertise

Trained by the American Academy of Facial Esthetics (AAFE), Dr. Smith is able to more accurately inject using new and safer Botox guidelines. Many physicians are injecting unnecessary high doses.

We give you the same results with less! Why pay more? One of the most affordable in Fishers!

Dr. Smith and the AAFE believe if you inject fewer units in more locations, you achieve beautiful results with reduced risks and at a lower cost.

AAFE trained Dr. Smith as a leading expert in Botox for Fishers and Anderson patients. In Anderson and Fishers, Botox and its alternative Xeomin are used.

Appointments take less than 30 minutes. Start looking younger today in Anderson and Fishers!
Schedule your Fishers Botox appointment by calling (317) 578-1933.
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