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Bleeding Gums, what do I do?

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Gum disease (bleeding gums)can be caused by several factors. Some of those factors are poor or below average oral hygiene, bad margins on crowns , trapped food or debris or systemic issues such as chemotherapy for cancer. The most common cause is poor oral hygiene.  There are several things you can do:

Brush daily with the proper tooth brush.  If you use a hand tooth brush, you need to brush down on the upper teeth and up on the lower teeth.

If you use a rechargeable electric tooth brush (not battery) then hold and move ( no up,down or scrubbing motions).  Do not scrub horizontally with any tooth brush as it will then cause erosion of the tooth at the gum line.

Floss once a day.  You must use the proper technique or you may cut your gum tissue.

If you smoke cigarettes, consider stopping since over 90% of the smokers have gum disease in some form. In fact the use of tobacco in any form causes gum disease in over 90% of the users.

CoQ10 in the liquidform  mixed in water as a swish and swallow mouth rinse will eliminate bleeding within days and stimulate your immune system into action..  This in combination with good brushing and routine dental cleaning will restore your tissue to health.

Regular professional dental cleanings, and scaling as necessary, is imperative.

Remove any filling or crowns with rough margins, or heavy metal fillings (better known as “silver fillings” or “mercury fillings”).  Rough areas are like fine sand paper against the tissue.  Mercury or other heavy metals also cause irritation to the tissue and may cause bleeding.

If you have any non-precious crowns with heavy metals ,they may need to be removed so that the tissue can heal without irritants present.

If there has been bone loss due to the about factors, laser surgery of the gum tissue may be needed. But that decision would not be made immediately. The first thing to do is Change bad habits and evalute from there.

  • Glenn Koehm

    suffered from bleeding gums since I was a kid and I was looking for tips like
    this. I also took a lot of medications just to cure this, but they never turned
    out just the way I wanted. Maybe I should follow your tips! Thanks!

  • nancy022

    I just noticed a very very small dark spot on my molar that has a sealent on it. I thought it was a piece of food but when I brushed my teeth and tried to pick it off it's still there. Do I have a cavity and if I don't what is the black spot? @NANCY