Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

Better Oral Health ,Part 2

The oral health problem is periodontal disease. In the first article ,I concentrated on brushing, flossing and heavy metals as related to inflammed tissue. But periodontal disease is a next step in the deterioration of the tissues of the oral cavity. Periodontal disease is inflammed gum tissue plus bone loss. This is a chronic disease which means it has been allowed to persist for a long time. Not having your teeth cleaned and checked once or twice a year and poor oral hygiene methods are the means of contracting periodontal disease. So ,as you can infer, it is self inflicted by personal neglect. But now you say you want to change, what do I have to do?

Over 50% of the adult population have periodontal disease, which if left untreated will result in loss of teeth. The first thing you have to do is to make your dental appointment to be evaluated. If your have periodontal disease ,there is a step by step treatment process to be followed. In addition, there are suppliments you can take to speed the recovery process.

The first addition to your treatment  of periodontal disease is CoQ Quinol ( the liquid form of CoQ10). It is a natural enzyme of a humans but can be found in short supply in those with disease,infections,cancer, cancer treatments and if you are over 45 years of age. This form is 8x better than the tablet or gel cap forms of CoQ10 and it is far less expensive ( $75 for a 4-5 month supply verses $50 /mo. for 400mg gell caps). You use a cap full in 2oz. cup of water. Then swish for 20 seconds and swallow. It is important that you swallow since this gives the CoQ10 enzyme two opportunties  to work. The CoQ Quinol is used  by the cells to start their furnace. So the immune system is fired up to fight the periodontal disease and start you on the road to health. If you are over 45, you may need to continue the CoQ Quinol for life.

There are two other suppliments that are very helpful in total body health as well as oral health. They are immune complex  and nucleotide complex. Immune complex super charges your body with new energy, supports your body’s defense against free radicals and helps invigorate your immune system. Nucleotide complex helps boost your immune system,improoves circulation,stimulates transmitters in the brain,slows the aging process,improoves t-cell anufacture,promotes new healthy skin growth and neutralizes internal toxins. ith thses two suppliments ,you will find yourself healing quickly and not susceptable to colds and flu. The gum tissue will respond very quickly so that the periodontal disease is more easily treated.

The last item for you to consider ia a good mouth rinse. If you are using the CoQ Quinol rinse ,that is fine, but if your tissue is healed and you use the CoQ quinol and a suppliment ( by swallowing and not swishing) a product called Tooth and Gum is the mouth rinse of choice. It is herbal in nature and works by creating a good oral PH so that the bad bacterial are stiffled in their productivity. With this new PH, the good bacteria thrive and so you will see pink tissue, very little bad breath and longer term fresh feeling mouth.

You can call our office for more information on how to get any of these suppliments or simply respond on my facebook page or web site.