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Benefits of Xylitol

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Xylitol was a dental recommendation many years ago for prevention of tooth decay. It is a plant sugar that has fewer calories than other sugars and it cannot be processed by Strep Mutans ( the bad bacteria in the mouth that cause decay ,gum disease and bad breath). We now have products to deliver the Xylitol that have a good taste and no after taste that gives up to 70% reduction in tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath. Of course, oral hygiene is a big determining factor as to how effective  the Xylitol is.

We have a mouth rinse and tooth paste with Xylitol, CoQ10, folic acid and no alcohol for our patients to buy if they cannot find it in the stores. You will most likely find the chewing gum , mouth mints and oral spray in your health food stores. The daily recommended dose is 6 grams/ day. That is equivalent to 6 sticks of chewing gum or 10 oral mints.

we have been using the mouth rinse and tooth paste for several months and have seen very good results with patients with gum disease. Decay reduction in our decay prone patients will take longer to evaluate. The turn around time could be 1 -2 years in those patients, but we do see fewer patients with decay now.

Xyltiol will not “cure” decay that exists, those areas have to be restored by your dentist. But new decay can be prevented if the patient is compliant with oral hygiene recommendations and regular use of the Xylitol products.

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