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Avoiding Root Canals

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If you have a large filling in a tooth and it fractures or decay is found, there may not be enough tooth sturcture for a crown without having a root canal first. But with the cerec technology that I have, we can do onlays or crowns on these teeth without a root canal because we use a bonding technique ,not a cementation technique. The cerec machine can make an onlay or crown with the smallest amount of tooth that is left. Unless the nerve is expossed by the decay or the tooth is abcessed, a root canal is unneccessary as long as we have the cerec technology.

Since I have had this technology, the number of root canals in my practice has decreased dramatically. If you have more questions  please call our office at 765-649-3388 or 317-578-1933

  • Asuka Ayanami

    Very nice!

  • Tabatha Aikins

    Cerec is the latest buzz in dental technology today. It's a very promising alternative to root canal, which is overwhelmingly disliked by patients. Let's hope more dentists would discover this wonderful breakthrough in dental care.