Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

Oral Cancer Screenings

We have had early detection screenings for breast, prostate and cervical cancers for a long time. We all know that early detection of these three areas save lives. The evidence of oral cancer is rising at an alarming rate. Fortunately, an early cancer screen has been developed. There are two or three methods. The one […]

Benefits of Xylitol

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Xylitol was a dental recommendation many years ago for prevention of tooth decay. It is a plant sugar that has fewer calories than other sugars and it cannot be processed by Strep Mutans ( the bad bacteria in the mouth that cause decay ,gum disease and bad breath). We now have products to deliver the […]

Oral Probiotics

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A new product for use in the oral cavity has been introduced by Orogenics. It is a mouth mint with 3 of the friendly bacteria incorporated to compete with the bad bacteria in our mouths. These bad bacteria ( S. Mutans) cause bad breath, decay and periodontal disease. This mouth mint introduces high levels of […]

What is Holistic Dentistry?

Most patients have been to a dentist often enough to know what routine dentistry is all about. The Holistic approach goes a step further in that we only use materials that is not potentially  harmful to the patient. We also want this done in as clean an atmosphere as possible. First, our office is mercury […]

Laser used to Detect Decay

For a long time in dentistry we have noticed no decay in your x-rays and visual exam only to see an area of decay six months later. The reasons; the decay was to small to detect by the naked eye. We now have a laser (diagnodent) that detects decay that has just started and is […]

Dangers of a Dry Mouth

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Many people take medications that cause their mouth to lack saliva( a side effect). The saliva is one of the protective mechanisms that the mouth has against gum disease and decay. If you have a dry mouth ( lacking in saliva) you are very  likely to get  oral disease. It is very important that you […]

You should not have a painful Dental experience

October 14, 2011 by  
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Many people have a fear of going to the dentist because of bad, painful experiences.  We have spent years refining our practice with patient comfort in mind.  Many of our new technologies like Dental lasers, cad-cam equipment and air abrasion tools have gone a long way to making your dental appointments much more comfortable.  Another […]

Is whitening your teeth dangerous

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Many people today want their teeth whiter but not everyone can get “bleach white” color in their teeth. What the whitening materials do is take out the organic material that causes the bad color. The basic material used is peroxide based. So if you keep whitening it will remove all color from your teeth and […]

What is the difference in a crown or onlay

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All dentists are trained to do crowns which cover all 5 surfaces of the tooth ( the whole tooth). Onlays are different in that they only cover part of the tooth ( three or four surfaces).  To design and prepare an onlay requires a good deal more designing skill than doing a full coverage crown.  […]

Implants, Why Use Them and What Are They?

If  you are missing a tooth or having to have one removed, an implant is the best choice. There are several reasons. First the implant is stronger than the original tooth by 50%, so chewing strength is added not removed. Secondly, the implant will not decay or fracture as a cemented bridge would. So as […]

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